The Dessert Kitchen


The first Dessert Kitchen opened in 2006 with the mission to bust such myths around nutrition and desserts. It’s a mission we continue today. People deserved to know: desserts can be both delicious and healthy.


In just over 10 years, The Dessert Kitchen brand has opened around 30 stores in Hong Kong, China, The Philippines, US and Australia. And it’s still growing.

People love The Dessert Kitchen because it makes for a guilt-free gourmet experience. We love granting that pleasure. That is why, on the very first page of our menu, we dedicate it all to you: From Us With Love.




Desserts can be healthy and delicious. The proof is in The Dessert Kitchen. Each gourmet guilt-free treat shows it to be true.

Not long ago, most people thought desserts were meant to be high in sugar and fat. Healthy and delicious desserts were considered by many to be a fairy tale. In those days, concern for health and body-shape often filled dessert lovers with guilt or shame, or led them to deny their own pleasures.

All our desserts are created in accordance with the light dessert principle. We control both the sugar and fat contents even as we boost taste and refine the presentation. The result is an ever-exciting range of sweet delights suitable for the health conscious. 

Purpl In Love at The Dessert Kitchen